Rosarium Uetersen



Long time no see, everyone.

Yes, everything is alright (thanks for asking, Marylin!). I have been extremely busy with uuuh, well, everything, life you know. But we are fine, more so we are totally happy and had a great summer so far.

I spend most of the day outside with my boy and take pictures on a more or less daily basis. But. I have been neglecting them as soon as I got them on the PC. Just didn’t feel like spending time in front of the machine, you know.

So. Here is a SOOC. It’s a picture of a sweet pea (I guess, not sure about the English term) which I planted in March and came to flourish just recently.

I love the pic and am thinking this could be one of the first I’ll get framed to hang on one of the still very empty walls of our flat. πŸ™‚

The Blue Jeans Gang [365]

I took this picture at the 26th of December while we enjoyed a walk in a local zoo.

We – in this case- features my mom, my brother, his girlfriend (who one day will hopefully be my sister in law cause I quite like her) and DH, who is carrying babyN which you can’t see. πŸ˜‰

I like the picture for several reasons and tried with different versions, black and white, sepia and the like.

This one’s a fun version, obviously. I liked that they were all united in wearing blue jeans – and more or less of the same color tone. So I brought it back to life in this black and white shot.

Have a fun day! πŸ™‚

I am learning more and more every day. That is if I find the time. Below is a lovely onion, waiting to be chopped up for our dinner.
The first picture is the SOOC.


I think I really like this one a lot.


I got really adventurous and clicked on combinations I never dared to test before. πŸ˜‰

So, what do you think?

Winter. [365]

Und draußen schneit es.

Die Stille, die der Schnee birgt.
Zwischen den wirbelnden Flocken bleibt ruhiger Raum zum Atmen.

Zeit der Orientierung.

Block in the head [365]

These days I feel as if I am walking around with a red hard block in my head most of the times.

We will see a specialist tomorrow and I really hope that I can breathe more freely afterwards again.


Have been to the hospital with my boy for a few days. He’s getting better.

Got a lot of testing done. Things I suspected for a long time turned out to be true. Cheers to mothers’ instinct which prevented me from offering him any dairy at all so far.

Yup, he’s highly allergic to anything containing cow’s milk which seems to be in like 80% of all food. He also reacts to chicken’s egg and peanut.

We are overwhelmed. I panicked for two days, was unable to eat hardly anything at all because I felt so stressed – me still breastfeeding, giving him “bad stuff” through the milk.

I am much calmer now but still have no real clue where this is going. And how. Am worried for my boy’s health. He needs milk to grow, right? Try to keep a positive attitude and follow my everyday routines.

Still, I felt as bad as I haven’t for years. Lost. Tiny. Helpless. HATE that. I am still insecure and panicking deep down inside me. But I think for now I got my strength back.