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So. Now that Christmas is over – we returned home from our trip to the relatives some hours ago – it is already time to fast forward for New Year’s Eve.

I definitely love the thought of starting a brand new year soon, and I totally like the number, 2010, for no specific reason. It just feels good.

2009 was a year totally dominated by the birth of our first child right from the beginning on (only three more weeks till his first birthday! feels sooo unreal!). It brought a lot of change not only into our small family, just the three of us, but also to our surrounding families: My mom became a grandmother for the very first time and in DH’s family the youngest member is already 15 years old…

Of course I changed, I am still growing with my son, but yet again, I feel very much myself, perhaps even the more because I really feel like being a mom is truly what I was meant to be.

I am curious to learn what 2010 will held for us. I can’t wait to see my boy growing further. I can’t wait to live a whole year in this amazing new flat. It feels so fitting that we closed the life changing year of 2009 with this move.

I will turn 30 in 2010. Wow. Perhaps I will get pregnant again at some point during the year? I see myself working in the garden. I see myself being creative.

Here are some New Year’s resolutions that have been on my mind lately:

1. I want to have the flat in a clean state at all times. “Clean” meaning that I feel comfortable and can have guests at any point of time without either feeling embarrassed or having to do a tremendous amount of work to do before someone arrives.

I have been “practising” for the last weeks, ever since we moved here, and already like what I am seeing. It means me cleaning up extra in the evening a bit, but it’s not that much of an effort and so worth it.

2. Have a garden with flowers and vegetables. I love gardening. But I tend to be lazy. I want to harvest 😉 my own fruits.

3. Get in shape. Lose these extra kilos. Stop eating chocolate. I am serious. I cannot abandon sweets altogether in one rush, but I can stop eating everything.

–> I will be allowed to eat desert and cake I made myself from scratch. I will not be allowed to just rip open a box of chocolate and consume it without consciously enjoying it. Especially not in front of the PC. -.-

4. Work out. May it only be 5 minutes a day. But work out! I’d love to get back to jogging.

5. Be creative! Photography, painting, crafting, writing. I will take the time at least once a week to do it. I will make up my mind for a photography project during the next days, probably something like a 365-thingy.

6. Read. Books. Novels. Newspaper. Think. About. What. I. Am. Reading. I will pick an author who will accompany me during the following year in the next days. It can be an author I have read before. It may be one I have never ever read a word before.


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– clean all the wooden stuff (roller shutter casing, baseboards, ceiling!)

– clean the window to the left from the outside –> all windows in the BR done thereafter

– clean the window frames (they are badly in need)

– make some room for my underwear and socks, either in the closet or the drawer. (Keeping them in the boy’s room’s definitely not an option. Madness resulting from frantically moving closets from one room to the other. But how? And where to put the table cloths?)

– thinking about moving the laundry basket back to the BR. takes up a whole lot of space in the bathroom, which is sort of crowded at the moment. also, it sucks to have dirty laundry lying around first thing in the morning because s o m e o n e is too lazy to carry it to the bathroom in the evening.

* chose 12 pictures of family and loved objects to frame

* get those 12 pictures printed

* get frames

* get all excited about the free space on top of the drawer

The Bedroom is my favourite room so far. Why? Because:

1. It has the most spectacular view over the city.

2. It is the most done and finished at the moment.

3. All three of us sleep in there, yet it still looks and feels roomy and spacey.

4. White curtains, white drawer. My dream is a BR all in white with different cloths/accessories to go with the season: lime green, red, pink,  blue…

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So We have Moved.

And I loooooove the new flat.

The view from the sleeping room is fantastic. The garden and terrace look promising. The flat feels vast and ginormous and already very much “at home”.

But there are tons of things to do, boxes left unpacked, furniture I am still uncertain where to put, missing lamps and curtains and so on and so forth. And christmas is just right infront of the door. I feel like having all my decorations up, but then again, with so much else to do, is it really a good idea? *sigh*

Christmas is my favorite festive event in the whole year and I had big plans for this one as it is my boys first. He won’t remember, but it will also be our first apart from our families on Christmas eve, just the three of us. I am so looking for the holiday time, as my DH will be at home till January 6th and I really want to get a lot of things done.

I will have the toddler playgroup over to our place at the beginning of January, and so that’s my deadline. Also, I feel the crying need to get creative. I want want want to get deeper into photography and photo-editing, but also feel like learning how to sew. Mind you, I can barely sew a button back on to where it belongs…

I have tons of things in my mind to do for my boy’s room by myself. Oh, the lack of time!

But first of all I want to cozy up this fantastic new place of ours.

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