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Winter. [365]

Und draußen schneit es.

Die Stille, die der Schnee birgt.
Zwischen den wirbelnden Flocken bleibt ruhiger Raum zum Atmen.

Zeit der Orientierung.


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These days I feel as if I am walking around with a red hard block in my head most of the times.

We will see a specialist tomorrow and I really hope that I can breathe more freely afterwards again.

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Have been to the hospital with my boy for a few days. He’s getting better.

Got a lot of testing done. Things I suspected for a long time turned out to be true. Cheers to mothers’ instinct which prevented me from offering him any dairy at all so far.

Yup, he’s highly allergic to anything containing cow’s milk which seems to be in like 80% of all food. He also reacts to chicken’s egg and peanut.

We are overwhelmed. I panicked for two days, was unable to eat hardly anything at all because I felt so stressed – me still breastfeeding, giving him “bad stuff” through the milk.

I am much calmer now but still have no real clue where this is going. And how. Am worried for my boy’s health. He needs milk to grow, right? Try to keep a positive attitude and follow my everyday routines.

Still, I felt as bad as I haven’t for years. Lost. Tiny. Helpless. HATE that. I am still insecure and panicking deep down inside me. But I think for now I got my strength back.

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This morning, I woke up with a strange longing for colourful things. I guess winter and its darkness are finally getting to me. And then I remembered that wonderful picture I took towards the end of last October. And I had to do search for it in my flickr-stream.

There it is and looking at it, I can still feel the warm autumn sun of that day. Warm more in an emotional than physical way.

I can’t wait till we finally finish arranging the flat, unpacking everything and then, I can go into decorating, colorful yet soft decorating. I guess it will coincide with spring, how perfect!

The picture is a SOOC and I can see myself do a lot with it (if only the day had like 30 hours^^). Yesterday evening, I finished my boy’s birthday card and I like what I created with photoshop. It is the second card I did myself and I really enjoy the creative process, the picking of pictures, arranging them, adding decor elements and matching the colours.

I hope to one soon with nature elements so I can show it to you.

Have a nice, warm, colorful day!

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Quick Linky

I stumbled upon a new blog that is about to launch big, I guess. It will be – surprise, surprise – about photography, tutorial style. I expect to learn a lot from it.

I love the pictures both of the writers, Rachel Devine and Peta Mazey, are taking. To be as great photographers as they are… That’d be fantastic!

Their blog runs by the subtitle: “how to take that fancy camera off auto & photograph kids like the pros”.
If that isn’t promising, I don’t know what is.

Anyways, they are having a give-away of an action-set which just looks great – and I wanted to share the link with you anyways, so here you go:  Beyond Snapshots

Take a look!

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Woah, Tagged!

Gnihihihi, if you could see me right now, beaming, jumping up and down (at least mentally ;)) in front of my PC. Why? Because I have been tagged by Marylin at A Little Space for Me. Which happens to be the very first time that I have been tagged ever. Yay!

So now, I have to give you my favourite picture of December/January. Of course, my fav is a picture of my boy. But. I’m hesitant to post portraits of him in the internets. Don’t get me wrong, I love the internet. But how can I be sure that he will too?

On the other hand, I’d love love love to share him with you… Anyways, before I get philosophical and go on and on about Ifs, Whens, and Whys, I give you a picture which happens to be a SOOC. And in the not-showing-my-babyN’s-face-fully-category, it is my winner for December.

Hope you like it too. =)

I am not going to tag anyone else, but will leave this to be picked up by anyone who feels like doing so.

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Reaching Out. [365]

My boy can’t walk yet, but he can lift himself up on almost everything lately.

So, as you can probably guess, nothing’s save these days. I try to let him explore as freely as possible.

When in the living room, he quite often uses his high chair as an aid to stand up and he just LOVES to push it around walking behind it. Some days ago, he realized that he can also reach into it through the leg openings and he had a blast looking and reaching through it.

I managed to get a lot of fun pictures of these 20 minutes or so. Most of them are out of focus as he is moving so much and fast and always trying to touch the camera.

There is something about this picture that I like a lot. I can’t yet say what exactly it is. And I think I am not done with it yet. I guess I’d love to add a texture and maybe get rid again of the way too dark vignette.

The interesting part is: I have never ever before added a texture, so I guess this will be quite an adventure. I will need time to look into it and I really hope that I can free some for it during this week. Let’s see.

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