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The Blue Jeans Gang [365]

I took this picture at the 26th of December while we enjoyed a walk in a local zoo.

We – in this case- features my mom, my brother, his girlfriend (who one day will hopefully be my sister in law cause I quite like her) and DH, who is carrying babyN which you can’t see. 😉

I like the picture for several reasons and tried with different versions, black and white, sepia and the like.

This one’s a fun version, obviously. I liked that they were all united in wearing blue jeans – and more or less of the same color tone. So I brought it back to life in this black and white shot.

Have a fun day! 🙂


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I am learning more and more every day. That is if I find the time. Below is a lovely onion, waiting to be chopped up for our dinner.
The first picture is the SOOC.


I think I really like this one a lot.


I got really adventurous and clicked on combinations I never dared to test before. 😉

So, what do you think?

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