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Long time no see, everyone.

Yes, everything is alright (thanks for asking, Marylin!). I have been extremely busy with uuuh, well, everything, life you know. But we are fine, more so we are totally happy and had a great summer so far.

I spend most of the day outside with my boy and take pictures on a more or less daily basis. But. I have been neglecting them as soon as I got them on the PC. Just didn’t feel like spending time in front of the machine, you know.

So. Here is a SOOC. It’s a picture of a sweet pea (I guess, not sure about the English term) which I planted in March and came to flourish just recently.

I love the pic and am thinking this could be one of the first I’ll get framed to hang on one of the still very empty walls of our flat. 🙂


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